Sewing Classes

Join the Sewing School Weekly Kids Classes
We have extended our classes to make room for our waiting list and more!
Here's some more information about the classes:
As of September Prices have been raised by 5% and will be reviewed again in January.
This is to combat the rising price of the products necessary to maintain the weekly classes. Thank you for continued support. 
We run three sewing classes a night every Monday-Thursday.  
3:45-5.00pm // 5:30-6:45pm // 7:00-8.15pm
3:45-5.00pm // 5.30-6.45pm
Classes are £10.50 each, and are paid for in monthly blocks on the first class of the month.
Saturday (fortnightly) which are £21 a class
10am to 12
The fee includes the materials they need to make smaller projects like scrunchies, hats and other accessories, but as they progress into bigger projects, fabric will need to be purchased. We have a larger range of fabrics available to buy in store at a reduced price, with the average cost being £6 but you're welcome to bring in your own if they'd prefer. Generally we encourage the kids to pick out their favourites themselves, as they get more excited and invested in making the garments!
We are also starting to incorporate more themed projects. For the next year, this will include:
  • Sustainability month, where we'll encourage the kids to bring in two items from to alter or customise
  • Design month, where the kids will pick a decade of fashion to learn about and discuss, and then design and make items inspired by it
  • Team building month, where the kids will work in groups to create a collection of items
  • An end of year fashion show, held in June, to show off the amazing work they've done in the classes


Our classes are held in our space on Staffa Place, which has car parking available and a bus stop near The Circle. If you're using Sat Nav, it's best to go with the address 20 Baird Avenue, DD2 3TN and drive right to the end of the road- you can't miss our car park right in front of you. Our space is next to Cornerstone's buildings, but we're right at the end- you should see the Andie signs welcoming you in!


If you would like to be added to the list, please make sure you include the following details in the contact form:

Your name
Your phone number
Your email address
Your kid's name
Your kid's age
Available days
Anything else you think we should know about! e.g if your kid has a particular group of friends that already go to the classes, if they're shy etc.