FREE Kids Activity Pack
FREE Kids Activity Pack

FREE Kids Activity Pack

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We know how hard it is to keep your little ones entertained, so we've put together a little freebie pack to help you out! Not only will it give you half an hour's peace, but you'll also be building up your kid's sewing and design knowledge at the same time!

The FREE Activity Pack includes:

  • Sewing themed Word Search of sewing terms, to encourage research of words they're not sure of and to build up their technical vocabulary!
  • A Pattern Cutting Practice Worksheet to help them practice their cutting out!
  • A Design Your Own Tote template, to let their imagination run wild and to build up their drawing and pattern skills!

Once you complete the transaction, you'll be sent a link with the 3 worksheet files attached as PDFs- all you have to do is print and enjoy! Have a problem opening the files? Email us at and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible!